Airports Built on Cities (IF)

Not sure whether this is a bug, but I’ve noticed several airports do not have the field sort of terrain around them, but just city or mountain terrain. KPIE and Malacca are good examples of this:


That’s weird… -________-

That is because those airports do not have an airport boundary. @Kilt_McHaggis, could you make a script and list all the airports that need a boundary?


Amsterdam EBLG
Amsterdam ETSB
Caribbean TNCM
Charlotte KHKY
Charlotte KXNO
Chicago KGYY
NewYork KJFK
NewYork KOXC
Singapore-KualaLumpur WIBD
Singapore-KualaLumpur WMKK
Singapore-KualaLumpur WMKM
SoCal CL13
SouthFlorida KSPG
Sydney YOAS
Sydney YORG
Sydney YPEC
Sydney YRBN
Sydney YSCN
Sydney YSFS
Sydney YSMB
Sydney YTAL
Sydney YWBN
Sydney YWDR
Sydney YWIO
Sydney YWVA

Have at it @Henrik_B watch out for white buildings!!!


JFK doesn’t have a boundary?

It does now. Fixed everything up to Australia. Will fix these imminently

This happend also iPod liège airport

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KPIE from the example doesn’t have boundaries.

@Henrik_B @Kilt_McHaggis airports should all have an auto-generated boundary, unless somebody removed them.

All airports should have a boundary yes. Some of the auto boundaries were not quite in the right place. I cleaned everything up to Sydney. I did not see KPIE in the list. Will do a manual check on that one

Wondering if Sydney came out after you applied the auto boundary script?

KPIE clearly now has boundary. This was fixed a while back. Will work on Sydney airports when I get home tonite. Now back to my day job!!!


Every new region I generate contains auto-boundaries. Strange if it was skipped.
A way to check is in the header of the file, there is a /AB tag or something denoting an automatic boundary.

@carmalonso I ran a script (as above). All have now been rectified. We should have 100% airports with boundaries. Now it is possible for the boundary to not contain the whole airport. That would be a visual check.

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