I have this

Can you spawn in and get a screen shot

Sorry i dont understand

Spawn in, so that way you capable fly around, enter the free camera, and take a screenshot of the entire airfield

This is

That looks like the default file from XP therefore it hasn’t been edited by the airport editing team.

What is xp

Xplane format

I agree with what @Levet said, your best bet is to maybe find an airport editor willing to take requests to get it edited, however, there are no guarantees

How work in wed

Have a look at this thread:

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who work on wed

WED is the 2-D open source editor used to design airports. Infinite Flight airport editors use this for airport editing.

do you know someone who works on wed to make the request

Here’s a list of a few of them

By the way: Airport editors do not take requests!
If you want a specific airport to be edited you can join the team:
Airport editing.


Ok thank i have demande and what is application for modefy airport

what is the application to modify the airport

Please, read the Topic I mentioned above!
It will answere the question you have as well as those that will came up when you have this answere…