hello i have spotted an error at lfhe the runway must be parralele and not sequent i know it because i made my batheme of flight in this airport

Airport editors are constantly working on making more airports realistic, maybe they’ll edit this one soon!

In order for the airport editors to fix this, they will need to see a screenshot. Also, can we have more info as it may be a glitch, have you tried clearing your scenery cache. Let us know how that goes.

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I have thisScreenshot_20181001-190548_Maps

Can you send a photo of the airport in Infinite Flight?

I have this

Can you spawn in and get a screen shot

Sorry i dont understand

Spawn in, so that way you capable fly around, enter the free camera, and take a screenshot of the entire airfield

This is

That looks like the default file from XP therefore it hasn’t been edited by the airport editing team.

What is xp

Xplane format

I agree with what @Levet said, your best bet is to maybe find an airport editor willing to take requests to get it edited, however, there are no guarantees

How work in wed

Have a look at this thread:

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who work on wed

WED is the 2-D open source editor used to design airports. Infinite Flight airport editors use this for airport editing.

do you know someone who works on wed to make the request

Here’s a list of a few of them