I want to do an challenging approach into one airport not remembering the ICAO code.
it is in Northwestern part of south america and you have to fly in between mountains and make a sharp left ir right turn to land.
Does anyone know what I am talking about?

Toncontin Airport, MHTG


Maybe you can find it here!

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it is in south america not central america

Is it Quito airport? SEQM ;)

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it was a purple airport

Another airport you might want to try is Innsbruck, Austria. It’s ICAO code is LOWI. It’s very scenic, and because it’s in a deep valley, it requires specific approach and landing patterns,

Ok thank you I will do that:)

VQPR is the most difficult both runway 15 and 33

Are you thinking of Chagual, Peru. It’s a tiny airstrip and you have to fly down the canyon before turning into final.

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Maybe if you had a better title it would attract more people to come help you…just a thought 🙇‍♂️

I think so. Thank you

He might just be right about that

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Yeah it perfectly matches his description. ICAO is SPGL.

Yes he is. Thanks for all your help

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