Airport Work Experience Application

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I’m applying for work experience at an airport. What sort of things should I write down?

Thank you

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If your looking for an up close in personal job, baggage handler or pushback tug driver is the way to go

What is it your actually trying to do/apply for?

Basically its our local airport. They assign you to different areas during the week. I’d like to specialise in the ‘flying’ section and on the last 2 days they give you free flying lessons.

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Generally, your school should give you advice about what to include. What may be good however is to do a short bit on being passionate about aviation or something like that.

May I ask which airport?


Gloucestershire Airport

My friend did his secondary school work experience in an airport in Wales and they screwed health and safety crap and let him go flying twice a day all week, hopefully your’s will be similar

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Have you tried contacting the Airport management?

According to the airport website the operations director is called Darren Lewington.

Give him a shout… Tell him you are young, love aviation and want work experience. Say you have been curious about what goes on behind the scenes running an airport, and can you learn more at his airport.

I didn’t think that you could fly planes, why did I go to Land Rover for mine I should have gone to Bristol Aiport haha

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The only things you should be focusing on is:

  • TFN
  • Resumé
  • Experience
  • Keep your resume simple
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