Airport without Ground Frequency

So I am open at an airport without Ground frequency right now… How should I handle the traffic on the ground?

Ok I will but I am the controller 😂

In that case, you can’t really control ground traffic.

Oh man let’s hope they are nice

Sometimes when I control at San Francisco I will open just tower and be the only controller what I tend to do is just give the pilots a hold short of the runway I would like them to depart from

But would you give them a hold short all the time for no reason?

It’s the best I can do to give the pilots a clue of my departure runways if there aren’t any arrivals I don’t spam the frequency tho it’s one hold short command per aircraft

Oh… right, so you basically unnecessarily force them to delay their departure time for that reason? I’m sorry but that, I do not understand. So here’s my point of view. The pilots went to the runway that you wanted, and there are no other planes inbound, and you delay their flights for no reason? 😬 Thought that would be the other way around

Read the post I said if there were no inbound meaning the air space is basically empty except the pilots on the ground And that command would be given before they even push back. Otherwise I could just hope they taxi to the runways in use and not give that command at all and just wait to see where they go

Sorry, but this is all false. One, you cannot tell them to contact tower before they pushback, nor taxi, and two, you cannot be telling them a future command, otherwise it would make no sense to them at all. Since I don’t want to clog up this thread, you can PM me for later questions. Thanks.

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If we were going by realistic procedures, yes it is up to the pilots discretion on such a large airport such a KSFO, whether they want to contact tower or unicom on the ground. A smaller airfield with only one main taxiway is much more reasonable, such as innsbruck for example.

In the real world, airports which only have Tower frequencies, They’ll double up as a ground (and sometimes even Approach), so on such a small airport this would actually be the correct thing to do, since there are not any ‘taxi to’ commands for Tower, and would create a whole big mess if not under a controlled environment.

My home airport has a Tower, Approach, and ATIS frequency. I only use ATIS and Tower to communicate from the request to taxi, to my calling my inbound.


I understand what you’re saying, but please take my advice, it’s not what the tower is meant for ;)

Yeah that’s a good point, actually, but at KSFO I don’t think that it’s best for a hold short command before pushback, though. That’s a bit unrealistic, which is why I think IF should kind of add new features in case of Unicom

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