Airport with taxiways cut off

The KMKE airport has some taxiways not finished. Is it only on my phone or does everyone see it?

Do you have a picture?

Lots of these airports (like KSEA) have a bunch of missing taxiways as well. I can get a pic in a little while.

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I’m an airport editor and I can tell you no taxiways look missing.

However, this airport hasn’t been touched since 2016 which may explain some anomalies. But the first thing you should do is try to clear cache or restart your device.

@anon38496261 KSEA was redone a month ago. Are you sure there are still some missing taxiways?


KSEA and I think another one (I forget where) have pointy, unfinished taxiways. Maybe my Internet was being a potato at the time, but I do t think it was.

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Yup, my favorite airport is a little rough :)

Do you have pictures?

PDX was like that recently as well

PDX is in pretty bad shape. Unsnapped taxiways everywhere, overlapping lines, it’s not up to today’s editing standards.

Anyway, if no one plans to rework it in the future, I might just do it myself when I build up enough experience in airport editing…


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