Airport with NO WEATHER Indication

I’m currently flying into OJAI and the airport’s icon is blue without a green dot in the center and says “NO WEATHER”… So based on that what the weather will i encounter upon arrival? Will i get the same weather as the last altitude? which means it could be too high and unrealistic…


Hey! Maybe the weather station in OJAI is not operative currently, to see briefly how the winds will be, I’d recommend Windy: Wind map & weather forecast website. It’s amazing.

Also, you can check how the aircraft are landing on Flightradar24.

@Mathurin_Garcier Dear, the problem is that the actual weather might not be reflected in the simulator itself. I have many sources for checking the weather but the problem is in its reflection in the flight and the sim… You may land in a wind aloft velocity which is completely wrong…

Ah yes true… The I would make a lowpass and guess the winds…

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That would disrupt the realism of the flight… Unfortunately some events happen interfere with the beauty of the flights

I mean, or you could just get the real metar?
OJAI 231800Z 30012KT 5000 HZ NSC 26/15 Q1011 NOSIG

@FLIGHT2 Thanks for your reply… Actually I have many resources to get any METAR for any airport in the globe, but when you get “NO WEATHER” indication that means that actual weather wont be reflected in the sim itself. So no benefit from getting it…

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