Airport with intersecting runways

So I am practicing for IFATC and I think I mastered parallel runway airports. Now I also want to practice airports with intersecting runways, and wanted to ask if anybody knows an airport with those. I used to do that with LMML, but the taxi Lay-out is pretty complicated, and therefore not very well suited for a training session. Any ideas?


SAEZ seems like a good one, SUMU, there are many others

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you could try the classic KSFO

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LTBA is a good one, with a set of parallel runways and 1 intersecting. (It’s not really intersecting, but really close to the threshold of the parralel runways)

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Many US airports have intersecting runways, you can choose one of those.

Hamburg (EDDH) is excellent taxiway wise and has two intersecting runways!


That’s probably too big though

KALB is a pretty good one.

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Thanks @GBKarp @JulianB ! I will look and see what suits best!

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But there will EASILY get trolled. So I won’t choose this airport

KMEM or KCVG are also some good airport to practise intersection departure

BIKF has some resemblance to KSFO and not too crowded in TS

BIKF is too windy and the sky is really dark now

Eidw, maybe?

@anon2996007 I’d recommend SAT, although they aren’t “intersecting” both runways are sometimes used.

KBUR, VABB, KLGB, KSBA are some good ones.

KSFO is the ultimate intersecting runways airport

There would be way too many trolls there in the training server.

The best one has to be KPNE.

I would try KCVG not too many are going to troll you there.