Airport with a lake?

I made a cool discovery that I think is worth sharing with the IFC. I discovered there is a lake right in the middle of the airport. See for yourself!


That is a water retention pond for runoff during rain storms, helps prevents standing water on taxiways and runways.


I will love to fishing there

just joking!

I see many airports have water like that in the middle


I thought the airport was just there as it was a natural thing. I didn’t think it was a man-made construction. Are there any other airports out there which have lakes? If yes, which ones?

What About KMCO 🤔


Sydney Airport has a lake to the north and east. The one to the north is connected to a river that runs the western perimeter and opens up into a bay.

There’s a lake at Daytona Speedway in Florida as well as another example of why there is a waterway within the boundaries of certain properties. When they were constructing the turns and high banking, they excavated Class A material from inside the track.


Cough Honolulu and the Coral Runway

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That’s a big lake 👀

DEN has a few of these on the property. The most noticeable are between 17L and 17R.

Does this count?

Heathrow has a couple large reservoirs to its west side around the M25.

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Airport with a lake eh? They don’t call it an Air-port for no reason!

(My personal photo)


Personally I’ve never even noticed them at airports, sure I’ve seen a couple at airports but they’re more little rivers.

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Fairbanks has a waterway for floats

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