Airport Webcams

Can somebody please put this in Features for me?

Have you ever waited a long time for IF to load up your scenario, and then you discovered that the line is really long at the airport, and you don’t feel like flying because you’re in a rush? You could solve that problem by having a webpage, with IF Webcams. Airports IRL have webcams, and maybe so could IF. Webcams could show you the hold short line to see that if you were in a rush not to go to that airport.

It doesn’t even have to be for that reason. Some webcams could be used to spot at airports without having to spawn in IF and taxi, and have an extra bulging plane in a region.


This is kinda nice…

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I like this idea…

Good idea!

Great idea!

Oh My! YES!!

So when someone from the PG Crashes their A380 on the only runway, the ATC don’t have to tell us to divert to another airport (Only problem, its the PG, and people don’t give a damn hoot)!! AMAZING!!

I agree with this! :D


+11ty million

I like it!

Awesome idea!

This is a cool idea, but it is well easier said than done. :)

You could just choose a desired airport ( even if it’s occupied by a controller ) then click on it from the ATC section ( without choosing tower or anything ) and watch the airport without controlling !

What about those who are not advanced controllers? cough cough me cough cough. I can’t do this on that server, along with many others

Maybe just for the Advanced server :)

The point is to have the webcam on the Internet. Also, it would be quicker than changing between airports, and I said you don’t need to spawn in IF, which would be the beauty.

Yeh you don’t need to spawn with what I said

I also said it would be on the Internet, no need to be in IF.

Hmmmm ok :)

This is a really cool idea! I’ll try and free up a vote

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So pretty much CCTV cameras for airports?

I would guess the OP is maybe thinking of like an ATC tower view or something like that, not sure.