Airport weather METAR

I know this topic has been on this forum before, with a good reference to the METAR.
But I have made screenshots of a few airports as ATC, and I most of the times I can’t work out the METAR info, even after referencing the Wiki pages.

For example, here is Rotterdam. From a plane on the ground I see approx 10 kts wind coming from North East.
Tower sees this:

It’s 28 January, 16:55 zulu. That is easy.
If the 220 means North East then I can recognise the 10 kts wind.

Here is another one, which was taken at TFFR 0n 8 January. It was extremely foggy, which may explain the red text?

What does OVC002 (on TTFR) and what does 190V250 (on EHRD) mean?
The visibility is 1/4 SM, which is all about the fog, I guess.
Why do these airport’s METARs (appear to) have such different structure.

Below is a final example, at PHTO, taken on the 23rd. The 10SM is about visibility. See point 7 of the WiKi pages.

Good comments and feedback welcome!


It’s the clouds. OVC means overcast which is 8 of 8 parts of the sky covered.

Yes, visibility is 1/4 statue miles


Some are in US format and some are in European format.

Good tutorial:

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OVC002 is overcast at 200ft- hence the low visibility.

On the Colours:

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This may help

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