Airport Weather Icon

Can anyone tell me what this Weather Icon is, I have never seen it before.

What in the image are you referring to?

The blue and green circle at BIKF

The green circle. Or red in some situations.

Is it just me or is it bigger then normal?

Just you I’m afraid, looks normal to me.

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Im afraid not actually

The weather icons meaning are as follows below:

  • Green: VFR (Visual Flight Rules) - Visibility more than 5 miles and ceiling above 3,000 feet.
  • Blue: MVFR (Marginal VFR) - Visibility between 3 to 5 miles and ceiling between 1,000 to 3,000 feet.
  • Orange: IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) - Visibility between 1 to 3 miles, and ceiling between 500 to 1,000 feet.
  • Red: LIFR (Low IFR) - Visibility below 1 mile and ceiling below 500 feet.

Yes they appear to be bigger on your screen, have you tried the trusty app restart?


Yeah no im doing a long haul’

Call me weird but it is different then the first one

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I feel like that picture is more zoomed out then the first one so I picture it being the same and normal as it has always been!

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Try spawning in by yourself, it is different

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No I already saw. Infinite Flight would’ve told us if that had changed on the update and we heard nothing about that so I think you need to cut the chase and acknowledge that it’s the same.

Does this side by side comparison work

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I have the same issue, but its a square :)

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I aint tripping it aint the same

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You can’t see that is the same thing!

Is it an issue tho or could it mean something?

The green circle is BIGGER

Hold up ill send a pic.