Airport visibility

When the icon for the airport is red, why is it that when you’re landing there is little to no fog but once you land there is so much fog? Shouldn’t the cloud cover already start to happen before you land?

I really hope they take a look at this and update it since it tends to make he game a bit unrealistic for foggy landings. I hope there is some way to fix this possibly for future updates.

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It really should and this is not realistic, however, I think that is usual in infinite flight.

The visibility has also cleared up, I’m parked now and it’s 1.50km.

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This was taken about 30 minutes when the visibility was pretty much 0km

This isnt a feature request, and is also a known issue.

See this thread for more detail.


Thanks. I really hope they take a look at this! For a while I thought it was just my phone glitching out.

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