Airport Violation Warning

Ok so I had a flight at Sydney and was on approach to YSSY, RWY 07 (and because people kept messaging me on Messenger - you know, the pop ups… I crashed!)

Ok so after I crashed, I was put to spawn at YSBK

I was in a B77W, and when I approached the runway, I received the “Airport Violation Warning”…

After seeing it, I took off immediately, disregarding the warning because I believe that if I stayed on the runway area for longer (not as long as to have a Runway Blocking violation), I would receive an “Airport is too small for this aircraft” violation…

Phew, I’m glad I didn’t receive any violations!

Apparently the auto-spawn needs some tweak so people don’t get violations while they want to fly back to their own destination from an auto-spawn airport…


I’m sorry about the lag and spams Nat 😅

No, you didn’t do anything wrong… The problem is that I spawn at YSBK after I crash and I taxi to the runway for departure, I receive the AVW (Airport Violation Warning)…

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Hahaha I’m Grade 3 and I don’t want to drop to Grade 2 or even 1! xD


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