Airport Updates - November 2015

What’s new with NUC?

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Any feedback on the airport updates. I know a lot of them are still not perfect. This is a time consuming endless task (one that I am willing to make). There were a lot of additional tweaks I wanted to get done prior to release. What do people think of EGLL, KMIA, KLAX or KORD? If you see any ‘opportunities’ let me know and I will tweak. I think I personally got approx 40 airports reworked over the last 3 months. they are not perfect by any means. My intention is to provide continuous improvement and a feedback mechanism via my web site so that users can see what is available.

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I noticed thenrunway 23 at KNUC changed to 24.Isn’t it?

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Yes it is. It’s being changed to 24/06.

I checked multiple sources, it says 24/06.

R.I.P to the runway I used to see. The takeoffs are over, the landings are OVER!

-Rita Ora - R.I.P

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I don’t believe KLAX ever made it in the latest scenery push

@Swang007 I guess if we are running IOS we will not know what got pushed for next 7 days. According to list from Cameton it was pushed. Can anyone who has the latest release tell us whether KLAX has jetbridges?

It’s because you closed the issue and added it to the #3 milestone. And scenery pushes are different fro updates. There was no scenery push for us because we already had it. KLAX was technically in the milestone so Cameron included it, but it wasn’t actually included. If we wanted the list to be 100% accurate, Matt should push scenery and the app update at the same time

Will check it out @Kilt_McHaggis

Fair enough. I’ll assume wiki has an outdated map.

London Southend (EGMC) received a runway extension with ILS on both sides in early 2012, please rework it so I can land some EasyJet A320s there :)

@Jonathan if you get a chance, you’d love to do this one ;)

Hi, I’d really be interested in helping!

Hi Naz - I’ll drop you a message later and help you get setup. Look forward to having you on the team!

Dude, I appreciate some of the work you do but the way you type is god awful. Are you English as sometimes I cannot make head nor tail of the things you put. Not a personal attack but I have trouble keeping up with what the situation actually is.

Hey…Id really appreciate it, Even email me on !

Thanks for your kind words! I’m talking to Cameron and Kilt, its internal stuff that can’t be explained in another way. Basically there’s a milestone in GitHub that we add airports to when we complete them, then Matt pushes “scenery” to everyone. Scenery pushes are different from updates, so the reason why KLAX didn’t show up was because it was added the milestone and Matt released the update, but didn’t release scenery with it. Make sense?