Airport Updates - November 2015

I could most likely work on this :)

If you could, the Boeing Everett Factory would be one of my favourites. I would be most pleasures to see people hold events there!

Thank you, and when it comes out, tell me and I will remember you for eternity.


@AF330 Please PM him or provide an English translation.

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Bump! A scenery push has been pushed to all the Android Users! It had landed with fixes for some airports and some airports with jetbrigdes [here][1]. Please appreciate the work of @Kilt_McHaggis !
[1]:[Bravo Airport Updates]

ETNG and KPWK were done by me!
Amsterdam and Chicago region respectively.

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just ask to add more gates

Where do you feel there are gates missing?

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I promise, I’ll go to LFOB soon!

Excuse me, may I tu you. I hope you do not mind,

I guess you remember my last discussion I had you on open gates in Terminal 2E at Roissy : there is unfortunately not much. Air France makes its long-haul and medium-haul flights ( non-Schengen ) from 2E . It would be great if you could add a few doors in the 3 satellites 2E (KL & M) .

Anyway I thank you for your effort and your work at the airports of the Paris region. Do you live in Paris ?

Do not hesitate if you need help : it would be a pleasure for me to accommodate you and improve the Paris airports !

thank you a lot

Good continuation,


I suggested that KPAE (Paine Field, aka the Boeing Everett Factory Airport) get a makeover. And it is, so expect to find me in future in 747’s, 767’s, 777’s and the 787’s when they come out doing test flights!

The Boeing Everett Parking, will have markings like it does currently. Once this is finished, expect an event…

I will be moving on to tweak the Bravo airports in Paris region shortly. I am currently working through New York. Sadly any changes or additions made now will not be updated until the next cycle. This means that I can get your airports up to standard (Axel does a good job). I will ensure one way or another that all gates are included.

Ca va?

Extract. KNUC

Runway 6/24
Dimensions: 9301 x 200 ft. / 2835 x 61 m Surface: concrete
Weight bearing capacity: PCN 49 /R/B/W/T Single wheel: 156.0 Double wheel: 225.0 Double tandem: 385.0
Runway edge lights: high intensity
Latitude: 33-01.068862N 33-01.660798N Longitude:

(Upon receipt of the latest update the Rway headings will be corrected to 6/24)

Max Sends

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Hi guys, this relates to the last update…


For the next update, don’t forget this marking at LFPB:


Thanks! :)


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It will be since there is runway numbers😉

No, that’s a completely different system.


Oh well I’m real smart😂

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but drawing letters with line is possible.

That’s not reliable. Lines will look really small and you wouldn’t make out what it says.