Airport Updates! (August 2015)

As many of you are aware, the latest Infinite Flight update is rolling out on Android, with an iOS update on its way!

Infinite Flight Airport Editing is a project setup to improve layouts of airports (taxiways, lines, parking spots, etc.). Our contributors have been working hard and we’re happy to announce improvements to the following airports!


  • EBBR
  • EBSP
  • EDDK
  • EDKV
  • EDKZ
  • EDLE
  • EDLK
  • EDLS
  • EHAM
  • EHBD
  • EHBX
  • EHLE
  • ETNN
  • ETUR
  • ETWM


  • TAPA
  • TFFR
  • TNCM
  • TQPF


  • KCLT
  • KHFF
  • KRUQ
  • KSSC


  • KARR
  • KBMI
  • KCMI
  • KGYY
  • KMLI
  • KORD
  • KPIA
  • KRFD
  • KUGN


  • KEGE
  • KFCS
  • KPUB


  • PHOG


  • EGBV
  • EGGW
  • EGKK
  • EGLC
  • EGLL
  • EGSS


  • KATW


  • LFLA
  • LFOB

San Francisco

  • KPAO
  • KRHV


  • KHQM
  • KRNT
  • KSEA


  • WSSS

Southern California

  • KAVX
  • KEDW
  • KNUC
  • KNZY
  • KPMD
  • KRNM
  • KSAN
  • KSMO
  • KSNA

South Florida

  • 07FA
  • KBCT
  • KFMY
  • KMIA
  • KPBI
  • KSPG


  • YMRY
  • YSRI
  • YSSY

These airports have received either minor improvements, or complete redesigns.

A massive thank you from myself and @Jonathan for everybody who has helped contribute!

Want to find out more about this project? Listen to my interview on FlightCast!
Interested in helping out, or want to have your favourite airport redone? Either tag one of us on this forum, or email :)


Great to hear ! :)


Thanks for the reminder @carmalonso. I updated the announcement post with a link to yours.


Guys your making me jealous

Thank you Philippe!


So glad the much awaited update is now out. Off to download!


Did you guys get a chance to change KNZY to say the correct name when selected? It says “San Diego” which it’s not. There was an issue when selecting that airport while I was on approach. It kept telling the controller I was going to San Diego when I wasn’t.

I was unaware of this issue. I believe it is because the full name is San Diego North […], and IF shortens the name for use in ATC. We can try renaming it to see if that helps :)

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Damn that’s a lot of work… Thank you and looking forward to seeing it!

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I sent a video to Joe Reilly. He was APP when it happened. He was vectoring me into KSAN and I had no way to tell him that’s not where I was going. It kept saying San Diego even though I was not selected on KSAN.

BTW. Thank you for all your hard work. They look great. I was at TNCM last night. First time in a while and bit it’s a big difference. Super cool man. Keep it up. Shoot me a PM if I can help in any way. Graphics designer guy. 😉

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@Boeing707 @Matt_McDonald thank you guys!

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That would be awesome, we really appreciate every contribution! PM me if you’re interested, I’ll get you setup :)

I can also help if that’s okay?

Sure, hit me up with a PM and I’ll get you setup :)

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You missed New York lol can’t wait for the update!!

New York (KJFK) is being worked on atm. ;) It’ll come evwntually

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Great to see all our work in one list! Thanks Cameron.

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