Airport Unicoms

Does anyone know if there is a way to hide the unicoms of uncontrolled airports? For example I was approaching O’Hare this morning and I couldn’t find the Unicom on the list before I was about 8 miles out. I tried hiding uncontrolled airports on the map, but it didn’t help. Send me a PM or reply here if you have any ideas on how to change this. Thanks, and have a nice day!

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No, you can’t hide other airports from the list of unicoms in the selection page. I’m afraid you just have to search for your arrival airport from the list. Also, hiding uncontrolled airports on the map does not affect what frequencies appear on your unicom selection page.


Thanks, I figured as much.

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To add to what @Maxim said Unicom Frequency becomes available from 27nm out (correct me if I’m wrong please) which gives you PLENTY of time to look for it even in a crowded area with many unicom frequencies
So try starting your search a bit earlier so before you even need to declare your inbound you’re already tuned and ready to go


It comes at about 25nm!

Thanks. I started hunting at about 25nm out and I still could barely find it😂

You cannot do this, however you should be tuning to Unicom sooner. I usually do it when I set a rw to Nav1

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I run into the same problem approaching airports in Illinois (like KORD, KCMI, KSTL) because of the sheer amount of airports in such a small area.

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It’s insane😂

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If you click on the airport you are flying to on the map, click on the information tab, you can easily tune into the selected frequency. If there is no ATC at the airport you are flying to though, then you cannot use this strategy.

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