Airport unable to accept arrivals?

I was inbound for landing at Atlanta, about 45 miles out, when I got this message from ATC. I’ve never gotten it before, and there were many aircraft inbound for landing that were allowed to land. Controllers?

What airport did you depart from?

Hello! Did I happen to be your controller? You can look at the replay and see. If so, I’ll give an explanation

Yeah, It says that you were.

Something in Georgia, don’t quite remember it’s name. It was about 90 miles out.

Okay, so you took off from KAHN, which is only 60 miles from Atlanta. Since the airport was insanely busy, I had to deny flights from close by (also known as “local” flights) in order to fit in the pilots who flew longer routes. This typically happens at busy airports, so it’s recommended you fly in from at least 100 miles away.


Oh, all right. Thanks!

Lol is the airport that busy?

116 arrivals. It looks like a real Atlanta airptot

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I’d say so, wow 😯

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Yeah lol, and I think it was over 150 earlier. Everyone got all excited over 3D Atlanta. They even had to split it into north and south, like in real life.

Lol sucks I wont make it within the traffic, flying from OTHH-KATL landing at 14:22 UTC.

You’ll be fine, it’s in the list of featured airports for Tuesday :)

Lets go, hopefully I get Full ATC not just approach.

Thanks for helping out with this @Trio and @Rob_M!