Airport trivia [thread]

You may have seen this before in the #real-world-aviation section but because of new rules it was closed All that work :( If you want to find some questions before it’s gone click hereyou can not have long based questions so airport trivia will now continue in #general


You may not talk about the answers to a question unless it has 150+ votes, I will also add the answer once it gets there. You can only post 1 question per day and it has to go with the set place in the world.
Monday: Free day, any questions
Tuesday: Asia
Wednesday: Australia and New Zeland
Thursday: Africa
Friday: North America
Saturday: South America
Sunday: Europe

It was closed for a reason, that doesn’t mean you can ignore that and create a new one in #general. That’s not how this forum works.


No, it was closed for new rules, that not for something in it, people told me it could be moved to general section

May I ask how this has any relation to Infinite Flight, then?

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F, forgot about that, then were does it go

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Just flag it :(

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Nowhere. If its not IF related and not RWA. Not allowed on this forum.

I guess there can no longer be airport Trivia any more, when did the community have to start to suck so much


When we realised we were an Infinite Flight Forum. 😊

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Well, people are stating alternitives to the community so we will no longer have to have all the fun topics blown