Airport Trivia [1]

Today’s question of Airport trivia is an easy one, “which airport has more passengers per year, JFK or LAX?” Go ahead and test your aviation skills. :)

  • LAX-Los Angeles
  • JFK-New York

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I am surprised by the numbers, I wonder how many of the voters are from a different country?

I bet its JFK. I go there all the time

Will see, but no spoilers

Although LAX is a huge travel hub…

Look I’ve never been to the US so I had to guess

Ok, we’re you from

Nice grammarings

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It’s on my profile, weird question tho

Oh, sorry 🤦‍♂️

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So which did you chose?

I have to clue, never been to the US so took a guess :)

So many people haven’t been to the US, you guys should go. (Like after the pandemic)

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Nice, good to have some great guesses, don’t be left out, even some people who live in the US don’t know all the time.

Well I wish I could afford it, and tbh it not on top of my bucket list of places to go to. Must be cool tho

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Oh, I’m sorry…

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Everyone not stuck in the US is really lucky

Why is that?

It sucks being at home

But this is off topic so pm me. :)