Airport traffic patterns

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Here you can post anything people flying there should know about your local airport pleas look at any other posts before posting something about an airport. Pleas post things like how to enter the airspce important info about the airport, or airspace, and any other trinkets of info you picked up living there. (you can search a topic by searching, and clicking search this topic)

Pleas put your airports info in a drop down like this



So that you can type as much or as little as you want and people can quickly sift through, and each post is not a novel unless the person is interested, also pleas make them informative, we are trying to save people time not waist it, a post should look something like this



KPIT has 3 runways running east to west, these are longer, and much more frequently used, there is also a cross runway, which has 32 at the southern end, and 14 at the north, 14 is pretty much never used, eaten when winds are optimal, 32 is rarely used since this runway is shorter, though freighters frequently use it since the cargo department is right off the end. The approach pattern is pretty simple, IMG_3739
Black:North Approach when winds favor runways 28R/C/
Blue:North approach when winds favor 10R/C/L
Red:East approach when winds favor 28R/C/L
Green:South approach when winds favor 10R/C/L
White:South approach when winds favor 28R/C/L


Pleas try to spend time on these, and so that we don’t clutter this up let’s only post the patterns themselves, and if we have a question pleas PM the person, if you are getting a bunch of PMs about a spacific approach, consider changing your post, no shame in editing, also if you live near a small airport don’t be afraid to post about that, we are tying to not only help people fly accurately, but expand their horizons on where to fly, hopefully this keeps things tidy.

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Might want to make it a wiki 😉.

Im confused, are these representative of IFR arrival/approaches? Or meant to illustrate how to enter a traffic pattern?

How to correctly enter the airspace, and any other important info about the airspace


Couldn’t you have just summed it up with this? Since entering the traffic pattern under VMC is the same at all airports, unless otherwise published in the AFD?

I am not just talking about the traffic pattern that is always used, but ways that aircraft approach the airport that are unique, since every airport has different approaches, this is intended to help people fly more accurately in spacifinc airspaces[quote=“jmwilliams17, post:5, topic:191122, full:true”]

Couldn’t you have just summed it up with this? Since entering the traffic pattern under VMC is the same at all airports, unless otherwise published in the AFD?

That was my question, are the lines you drew on that map representative of the actual STAR’s for the airport? If so, labeling them would be helpful as a pilot could look up the plates themselves for reference.

No they are just generally how aircraft enter the airspace, once on approach downwind etc. the behave as a any airport would, also this has things like how the cross runway is never unse

@KPIT. MaxSez: Welcome Aboard. Appears your a bit in over your head. The data your suggesting for Forum inclusion is readily available on the Web. Check out for example. Before you post again Mr.Pittsburg I suggest you download a free copy of “The Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge” from and review the salient chapters.
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Isn’t this just the same? Outlining specific operations for different airports. It already has many airports as well.

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I see what you are saying, but I was thinking this would be things that the handbook does not have, such as the fact that only cargo planes frequently use the cross runway, and other things you only learn from watching the airport carefully for months on flight trackers

Sorry I did not find this post, I will have a mod close this one, thanks for telling me

Feel free to post your own one and I’ll add it I for you.

What do you mean by this?

It’s a wiki, so if you want me to add an airport for you just reply to the topic with the procedures and I’ll add it.

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