Airport to practice in

I want to join IFATC, so, i passed Written exam, and ended my training and now need to find time to have practice exam.
And i want to ask You, what airport You can recommend to have practice sessions in?

(Here is link to my thread Kit_v_kapushone’s ATC Tracking Tread [Passed written] - [CLOSE] @ N/A )

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Richmond, KRIC (definitely not because it’s my home airport 😳)


Go for smaller airports (eg. not EGLL, KLAX, KSFO, etc) with 2+ runways to practise patterns. I couldn’t tell you airports off head but there are many out there! Good luck!

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Typically, quieter airports with parallel runways are the best for aspiring IFATC controllers to practice and hone their skills. However, there are also some great locations for practicing single or intersecting runway operations. Here’s a great list made by an IFATC Supervisor/Trainer from the official IFATCEG website.

Hope this helps! I’m happy to answer any other questions you may have.


Yes, i know about airports with a lot of traffic (who not follow your instructions xd)

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Thank you!

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KSSC, PGUA, KBDL, KALB were airports I used for tower trainees when I was a trainer.


I always used to practice at KDCA. That’s also a good airport once you become an apprentice 😉

I suggest avoiding popular places like KLAX, EGLL and others. Try something like KSMF (next to KSFO you get some traffic). Or EGCC (next to EGLL) and so on.

I suggest Palm Springs Nice and simple small airport KPSP

That one is more difficult because of the terrain

I used KDAL 95% of the time it’s a great smaller airport with only 2 parallel runways and it is great for most things besides all the intersection stuff

PGUM is great airport to train at two parallel runways

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During my training, I suggest airports like PGUM, KFLL, and KLCK for parallel runways. For airports with intersecting (which I suggest you practice for) use airports like KLGA.


As a member of IFATC, I recommend practicing at airports such as:

  • KFAT

  • KLCK

  • RODN

Those are some of the airports I would strongly recommend for Local training.

Good luck on your IFATC endeavors! :)

TXKF is the best

go to Townsville INTL (YBTL)

It is a good one. But KOFP to the north is where It’s at for me (totally not because I learned to fly there IRL) :)

But to contribute, I find KCMH to be a good training airport also.