Airport texture LOWW

Hi guys,
my airport texture is broken it should be black and not blue.

For one day the grafics were black but now it’s this light blue color as shown

It should look like this

credit: Profile - seoho_ss - Infinite Flight Community

Can this be fixed?

Device: Samsung TabS7+
Operating system: Android 12

I’ve just taken a look at this issue and it appears that the colour of the terminal is entirely dependent on the visibility as it’s determined based on how much light is reflected off of it.

Having spawned in and tinkered with the visibility in the weather tab, it appears that it is only blue when it’s set to 50.00KM, and any slight reduction would make the terminal appear a lot more grey in colour.

Given that the colour is entirely dependent on environmental factors, I don’t believe that this is something that can be fixed quickly, though it is something worth taking a look into.

50.00KM Visibility

47.75KM Visibility


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