Airport terminals

Previously before 20.1 update, when we zoom into any airport we are shown the terminals and the gate right away and we can pick any gate we want but there is no option like that here. When we zoom into the airport it just shows blue dots but we don’t know where the terminals are. Am I missing something here?


Because of a lot of new features and data that appears upon zooming in, it takes a significant amount of time to load. Don’t expect things to show up as soon as you zoomed in. Give it a minute or two, it has to load the entire airport diagram now with this update!

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Yeah but it doesn’t show the terminals unless you click the blue dot. It wasn’t like that previously, where the terminals would hover over the blue dots and was much better on a visual aspect.

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Are you saying that now you need it physically click the airport icon in order for it to show this info?

I believe this was something implemented in one of 19’s updates. I don’t really recall it ever just showing up upon just a zoom.

Worst case scenario, you just have to click the airport icon every time you begin the spawning process. Shouldn’t be a big deal 🙂

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