Airport terminals and baggage and cargo loading onto the airplane


Airport terminals and people loading baggage onto the plane + cargo


I know I sound like I’m busting your ideas which I’m not but it would be an awful lot to ask for on these small processors! If there’s a lot of people at one airport it lags a lot and that’s without any animations but great idea all the same!


U can at least try on solo just saying 💯


Yep no worries!!! Hey I’m not dissing it’s a great idea!


R u like a proccesser?


@JGK00 r u a processer


Nah fam I just a member!


dont look for that anytime soon…but if you want,you can hold your breath…lol


Hahaha lol!😂


too much to handle by our mobile devices as of this moment. me myself wont expect this coming without EXTREME lag coming with it…


Hmm, Inreally thought you were an i5…


That’d be great


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I’d rather be i9 for this kind of stuff!