Airport/Terminal layouts of Infinite Flight

Hello! I am not sure where to post this.

I am looking for “maps” or diagrams of terminal layouts of airports in Infinite flight. Does anyone know where they get theirs from, or a reliable source? i am building diagrams of airports to experiment a better way to schedule fly outs.

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Hello Bailey,

Most people [Me included] use real-world ground diagrams, which can often be found by doing a simple google search. For most US airports, I use SkyVector, which gives you that charts in the airport section. For international ground charts, it is often best to just google them. But you can also use VirtualHub, which is an app. Hopefully, this helps. :)

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Live Flight Horizon has maps, and becuais of our awsome airport editing team the majority of especially major airports should be fine with real world maps!


As an alternative and 🆓 option, you can also use Tom’s website (@Kilt_McHaggis) where he provides the same airport diagrams but they also include taxiway labels. Additionally, you can find waypoints, airways, and the like. It’s a great resource!

It’s a bit tricky to navigate but I’m sure you’ll understand it easily. To find airport diagrams:

  • visit the website and click “airports” which will take you to a Google Drive link.
  • click the country/state/region of which the airport is in and a link will appear saying “airports.”
  • click this link and find the respective airport you’re looking for.
  • click the “parking” link which will show the various parking at the airport.

Hope this helps. Happy flying! :)

Here you go. Latest dump of ALL airports edited with links to ground layouts!

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Australias is really easy

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