Airport Taxiways Not Loading Properly

Hi guys,

I saw several taxiways of other airports were not loading properly because I was using iPhone 6s Plus. Some of the 3D airports were loaded with taxiways but few of them were not shown. So do you want to update the new version to fix their airport taxiways we’re not loading properly?


Just wanted to check have you tried two things:

Option 1: Clearing your scenery cache from settings from the main menu (not during a flight) and restarting your device?

Option 2: Downloaded the latest version of Infinite Flight from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store?

Also I recommend checking out this topic that I’ve linked below as it appears it may be a similar issue:

Let us know if you have tried or have done both of these things already.

Take care!

First of welcome to the Infinite flight community

This is a know issue and hopefully it will be fixed in the next update.

When I leaving the app, that means I cleared the scenery cache. Because I was downloaded the app from the App Store. If i went to the app after for a while, Sometimes will be only see the 3D airports here but without taxiways that will be cannot taxiing and you can see the real map only while I’m going to use the solo mode to loading the flight.

I tried to loading the flights, now the taxiway will be loaded after updating the app. Sometimes the taxiway could not be loaded last time after experiencing while network connection loss.
Here is the screenshots:

Just confirming, you aren’t leaving the app running in the background whilst flying are you? For example, your not taking off, setting autopilot and then opening another app on the same device?

This happened to me this morning after a 14 hour flight to jfk. Buildings loaded but the runways did not and landed on smeared ground. Not even on an old device

Only one device used when I was using the app, it was currently piloting the aircraft manually while landing, the autopilot will be turned on while taking off. The background will be nothing to see here while i close the app.

What I mean, is that do you use another app on the same device whilst you are using Infinite Flight, which would result in Infinite Flight being in the background?

Just few apps has been opened while I was using the infinite flight, but there is no background here.

So the taxiways of the 3D airports will be back here after updating another version of Infinite flight? It is a good way to solving the problem while loading taxiways for any airports.

Currently experiencing this issue. Very frustrating lol

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