Airport taxiways and Gates

The taxiways don’t have a name and the Gates also don’t have names. In the real the ATC can say how you must taxi and to which gate you must taxi. So maybe the gates must have a name and the taxiways too.

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I think you have to be qualified (Take a test) to be allowed to control ATC in the advanced server.

If IF could give us little FAA diagrams with the gates labeled on it to zoom and pan around with that would be useful.

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@Boeing707. I’ve posted recommendations continually in App and on this forum for the inclusion of Airport Diagrams on the Map “Info” tab. This plus directional signs and numbering on Taxiways. Blue Lites on taxiways would also be a nice addition plus a flasher at runway exits. As ATC matures the “Progressive Taxi” Procedure would solve a lot of Ground mishaps and wondering around looking for an intersection to take you to the active holding point. Am confidant these enhansments are on the wish list. All we need now is a priority change.
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The taxiway signs would maybe require a 3D free-standing rectangle and can IF do that knowing how they can’t/won’t make buildings?

Blue lights on taxiways is a must. Runway exit lights are a must.

Long live the DC-9!

Ik kom ook uit nederland in welke stad/dorp woon je? Ik woon in Heemstede (dicht bij Haarlem) en ik heet Joost hoe heet jij.

About being an ATC in the advanced server

Provide a translation please :)

@DS2001 Adding these features would be nice, but it would be harder than you think. First off, all the airports would have to be edited and signs with proper taxiway names. Secondly, many aircraft wouldn’t follow directions and wouldn’t know where to go. Finally, an ATC would have a very difficult time trying to give people proper taxi instructions with the menu available. We have more than just you to worry about. This would be possible however if a voice feature was added, but with bandwidth and other things, don’t expect that in the near future. Just trying to explain that this is easier said than done! Cheers!

From what it seems like, a lot of people (including my self sometimes) take the wrong taxiway on accident to get to parking if i am at a new or unfamiliar airport and when there is a busy server the taxiing isn’t very organized from rams of aircraft trying to cut others on different taxiways. But to clear things up what if on the map there were taxiways with names (like in real life) such as “W” for taxiway Whiskey or “G” for golf. And it could seem a lot more realistic if ground said “Alaska 17 76 HNL Ground taxi to 8R on alpha, left on Romeo-Bravo cross runway 8L and hold short of 8R”. Just an idea

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it may be confusing but it would add realism to the game and a lot of people would become better IF pilots/controllers @Rotate

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I feel that it would be a GREAT idea to add taxiway names, and ways for ATC to tell pilots to taxi using specfic names, for example, PLANE: “American 21, ready to taxi”, ATC: “Taxi to 33L via Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, hold short of 33R, american 21”, but only on advanced server, because that’s what is used in real life, and there would be less confusion as to whom would be giving way, to whom, and which taxiway to use, etc. And I know that the most recent update just came out, but maybe in the next update, or in a couple updates? It would be great!

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While starting, in selection mode when we choose any gate from where to start how can we come to know that this gate is for a B747 or A380 gate ie the gate is suitable for such big plane