Airport Taxiway and Gate Map

Nowadays In airplanes there is a Tablet With the Approach map and The Airport Taxiway and Gate map
If we could get a new Map section in which the Taxiway and Gatemap are included and after landing the ATC appoints a specific Gate and the gate is highlighted for the player to taxi to it,
The map will also include a small airplane widget which is the plane you’re flying and the gates which are free are in green and the gates which are Occupied are in red just like the map we are getting on the menu with global but the taxiway and Gate map will be visible only while flying, it will be in the Map and FPL section
Now I don’t recommend you do it rghtnow as everybody is busy with the Global release and it will require separate servers but if we could get it in the next update then the game would become a real life Flight Simulator

This is an example of the Taxiway and Gate map of Dubai airport

Awesome idea! Would really add to realism and give ground controllers something to do on top of just “taxi to parking”

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Hi! I believe this feature has been developed, and will be implemented into the Global Update. I don’t think we will be seeing a taxiway map, but we are definitely seeing an airport and gate map.

(Credit to Laura on Instagram)


Do you know if you will be given a designated parking gate on landing? That’s what is being suggested here.

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I would love that feature to be implemented, but I doubt it as it would take a long time to add every single gate at every airport into the ATC menu 😕

Well, if you look up above the map gate has been made for every large airport in IF


That’s not what I’m talking about, I’m on about what @Jake_Stopher said and how ATC should instruct people which gate to taxi to, as I said it would take a while to be implemented.

I think many people would like this, but sadly it is a duplicate topic:

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To be honest I don’t even know if it would take that long. I’m not a developer so I don’t know, but when global releases, the gate map and all the gates at every large airport will already be there, so the framework for this feature is already in place so to speak.