Airport Taxi Centerlines

Alright so just out of curiosity, I’ve noticed that many taxiways on some airports have very thin, faint centerlines. Is this in relation to real life paint jobs on the taxiway, or just an older model of the airport? Is it something that can be fixed? I’ve found it very hard to see, especially when it’s very sunny in game and you’re taxiing from cockpit view. Anyone else ever notice this?


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I think it’s intentional.

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What’s it based on though. Airport importance? Real life?

Give us an example.

There are two types of taxi lines:

Solid yellow (no black outline)

I suppose this one is harder to see because they don’t have the black outline that really makes than stand out.

Solid yellow (with black outline)

Easier to see?

The type of taxi line used is based on what we see on imagery.

What do you mean by faint, thin lines? The thickness of lines are very similar across all airports, but we’ll need an example of what ur talking about.

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Here let me find a picture real quick

i agree. some airports you can barely see the taxi lines. and some airports dont even have yellow taxi lines. they’re white.

There we go I found some examples

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Those are…normal taxi lines. What’s the airport ICAO?

No i know they are I was just curious about why they’re different. The dark is KMCO and the thin line is OTHH and those are just like two random airports

Centerline attributes are drawn depending on what kind of lines the airport has. If an airport has solid yellow lines, the editor will use that type of attribute. This is not an issue and they’re not “faint” lines. Some airports may even have a mix of both kinds, if the airport IRL has them.

So basically yes, it all depends on IRL paint jobs.

I know, it’s hard.


Oh man thank you I just was curious and yeah it’s hard but it’s not a big deal I honestly was just really curious

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Thanks Bruno!