Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR)

I did a bunch of research to see if the IF 3d airports already have these, but haven’t found anything. So if this post is not needed or it’s a duplicate, then someone can close it :)

This is a request for the Airport Surveillance Radar or ASR. Many airports have these, but I don’t think the ones in IF have them. For example LAX, has two radars. A secondary and primary radar. (I’m not requesting LAX only). It might add a little more realism. However, I’m not sure if this is already confirmed to be added or if its already in the sim. Based on my knowledge, I don’t think it is. If it is, then close this.

What I mean:

Or this one at LFPG

It’s a wonderful idea for realism. However, I’m all out of votes and need them on other topics. But I do hope to see this in IF!

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Would certainly enjoy seeing these at airports; would be a great candidate for initial animations once those can be implemented

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Would it take too much time for them to dig through all of the 3D airports and add it?

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