Airport Spawning Bug

I found a bug today, which allows you to spawn oversized aircraft at an airport. Even when it is too small. Its rather hard to explain, so I will attach a video showing you what happens.

How to reproduce the situation:

  • Spawn at an airport which has a size limit for planes (i.e. I used 4S2 in a Cessna 172)
  • Exit out of the session once you spawn
  • Select any oversized plane (i.e. I used the A380)
    If you didn’t change the airport, it will let you spawn. Though this will still work if you change the server. This issue happens on all servers.

Link to the video:

Just tried reproducing the issue, and it’s not a bug.

Since it’s an airport that hasn’t been updated, any aircraft will be able to spawn there. Opening the app, finding the airport you mentioned, and spawning in an A380 works just fine, because the spawns allow for A380s. While it may be unrealistic, it probably hasn’t been edited for the spawns to disallow certain aircraft. If you think it’s a legitimate issue, I’d suggest trying it out at an edited airport that can’t handle A380s. I’d suggest KSNA.

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I guess I didn’t take that into account. Thanks for the help!

Hello. Although IFAET does not accept editing requests, the size of the spawns at that airport has been changed, and you can see the results in the next database update.
However, this airport needs to be edited from scratch. We encourage you to join IFAET so that you can edit this airport yourself. The link follows.

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