Airport Size vs Aircraft?

I would like to know why certain airports limit aircrafts that do actually operate in and out of the airport. For example, I wanted to fly out of Lhasa, China (ZULS) with an A330-300 which is operated there with Air China and the notification came up saying it was too large to spawn there. Is this based off of the scaling of the airport or is there some other limiting factor that causes this?

Hello Ryan. From my understanding of your issue, you are unable to spawn in with the aircraft at a spawn point correct?

Spawns are determined by the airport editing team when we edit airports, they are based on a range from A to F, A being small aircraft such as the C172 and F being aircraft like the A380 and 748. The game allows spawn sizes of +1 to what is put into the game. In this case, I’d suspect your spawns are C size, which would then be upscaled to D. Unfortunately, aircraft such as the A330 are in E size. I will notify my fellow team members to see if we can resolve the issue and upgrade the spawn size.

I see @Major-Tom is typing so I’m sure he can give an expanded explanation as well.

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The limiting factor is the available spawn size put in there.
While editors are trying to be as realistic as possible there are some times airports where the information given by satellite images and Aerodrome charts or textual description is incomplete or difficult to get.
It also might be that the airport is not edited by us yet.
Let me check the status of that specific one and come break with a mor specific answere.


Thank you very much!

Thank you very much! I appreciate it.

The airport was edited long time ago. I found a Aerodrome information and fixed the Spawn No.5 acourding to it.
This fix should be in next airport update, but it might slip to the one after, can’t guarantee.
The other size E spawn is unfortunately not in the current version, so I couldn’t apply a hot fix for. This would require a regular edit.
If and when the airport gets reworked I can’t tell.
Thanks for highlighting the issue.



No problem. Thank you for taking the time to read and reach out!

Your welcome.
Just saw that they get a new apron and Terminal, so it might get a rework when imagery and new Aerodrome data are available.

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