Airport simulation

Hi community. Some of you are much more knowledgeable than I about this, so I ask: Are there any airports whose entire daily schedule of departures and arrivals could be simulated in Infinite Flight using the correct aircraft and, say, at least 80% having a livery from the correct airline?

I don’t know of an efficient way to obtain this answer, but such an airport with enough traffic would make for an interesting all-day event or even a semi-permanent fixture.

Has this been done already? Can it be done?

Would be an interesting undertaking. Would take a massive amount of scheduling and consistency with pilots showing up for their assigned flights when they are supposed to depart.

If pulled off, could be pretty interesting. Can’t say I’ve ever seen it attempted.


If possible, it might not be as massive as we think. Major airports have far more variety than is possible with the currently available fleet and liveries. I think the best places to look might be smaller regional hubs in North America.

I think it’s better to see some airports in europe with some ryanair and easyjet flights like Reus Airport in Spain


Good idea!

You could surely try mid-sized (or small-sized) European airports.

Probably such with a low number of airlines. One example would be Rotterdam, but there are many other possible airports with airlines such as EasyJet in Europe!

I think the ES ATC schedule kind of makes airports have realistic traffic diversity and most if the time people are flying in the correct livery. Events on the forum and in VAs are also what I think you are looking for.

It’s one step further than that where flights would follow the real routes at the real scheduled times, but it would start as an event and ideally have the support of VAs to make sure all routes are filled

Like pretty much recreating all real world departures and arrivals at an airport at a specific time?

Yeah, rather than everyone spawning in at the same time, pilots choose a flight from the schedule of departures and arrivals and will have the opportunity to participate in a more realistic environment with inbound and outbound traffic.

Looking at some airport schedules, the primary conflict is the smaller business airlines since the fleet is limited and the liveries even more so. Some minor substitutions would have to be made in this area, but otherwise it could be pulled off.

Update: this is doable!

Furthermore, I’ve selected an airport, compiled the relevant info, and am finalizing details for the first event.

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