Airport Service Quality Awards 2017

Airports Council International has recently announced the winners for Airport Service Quality Awards for the year 2017.

The awards are widely classified into 5 categories

  • Best Airport by Region (Over 2MPPA and Under 2MPPA)
  • Best Airport by Size
  • Best Airport by Size and Region
  • Most Improved Airport by Region

Here are a few Notable winners by Size [Million Passengers per annum]

  1. Delhi International Airport and Mumbai International Airport [Joint No.1]
  2. Beijing Airport and Shanghai Pudong Airport [Joint No.2]
  3. Taipei Taoyuan Airport

The details of winners of all the Categories can be found here

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Nice to see Denpasar Airport on the Best Airport by size (15-25 million) in Asia Pacific category. I don’t see Jakarta’s but I think it’s understandable why my local airport didn’t win 😂

yay… awesome… m glad to hear about it haha :D

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Why didn’t La Guardia win airport of the year 😡

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The winners are not even worthy of it. I think it’s a load of rubbish, just like the WhatCar awards.

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Have you been to all those airports that were declared as winners ?

Is this the best airports in ASIA awards?
I’ve been to Mumbai and even STANSTED is better

No offence

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