Airport selection issue

As of 30-ish minutes, my airport selection has been acting strange. When I pick one airport it takes me to a totally different airport across the world. Example: I chose Dubai International Airport and it took me to Tokyo Narita. I’m not sure why. Someone please help if you have info.

Did you press the “ok” button after you selected the airport? ;)
If not try to close and open the app again.

I’ve done both.

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Have you restarted your device? If not, try that.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Your progress will be saved

Please don’t instruct others to uninstall and reinstall the app unless you are 100% certain that it will fix the problem. In this case, it shouldn’t be necessary at all.

Thank you for saying that. I’ve done that a lot. Lol I’m not that stupid

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It does that sometimes if you last watched a replay. An app restart helps.

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