Airport scenery not loading

Device: iPad Air 3
Operating system: iPadOS 15.5

I did two medium-short haul flights to KLAX today and yesterday, in both flights the airport scenery couldn’t load when I approach the airport, made me fail to touchdown normally and had to discontinue flight to avoid any possible violations (ex. landing on the taxiway). I restarted device before each flight and cleared cache during flights but didn’t seem working.

Another problem I got is when I spawn at a gate, quit flight and spawn again, the boarding bridges could be missing sometimes but the terminals are there. This problem can be solved by restarting app but I am wondering the cause and if there could be any other solutions.


This happened to me sometimes. but you don’t need to quit the game,. Go around do it , re-update the game graphics settings. The airport will arrive.

this happened to me when i was doing a flight from wsss to kjfk . U just have to turn all ur graphics to low and then turn it to high again while in the “atc” view and it will work

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