Airport Scenery Missing Following Update

Upon landing at Aberdeen EGPD, a couple of seconds after touchdown and roll out a good chunk of the airport scenery went “missing”. I had an identical issue at Newcastle EGNT a couple of days ago, with the exact same conditions. I should mention both flights were with the A320.

Firstly, after the occurence at EGNT, my device was restarted, the app was deleted and reinstalled and I respawned there. The issue appeared to be fixed which leads me to think this only happens upon landing. After the latter occurence at EGPD, the same steps were taken to fix it, again with no issues once I respawned. This pretty much confirms in my mind that there’s only a problem when landing.

Device Specifications:
iPad Pro 10.5, iOS 11.4.1 installed
Latest version of IF installed (TBM Update)

So what is missing? The terminal? If so then the new policy for airport editing is to remove all buildings other than hangars.


Unless it’s a policy to remove the taxiways and about 40% of the runway, then we still have an issue. Look at the first image again.

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that is strange, Ill tag an airport editor I know, who can bring it up to the rest of the editors, and it will most likely get fixed for the next scenery update @Balloonchaser.

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Hi there,

I don’t think this is an airport editing issue. I have spawned at the airport and everything looks normal to me and I can’t seem to reproduce the issue.

This seems to be a scenery glitch. I understand you have taken necessary steps to solve the issue (restarting your device, reinstalling, etc). Have you tried spawning at other airports to see if the problem persists? Have you also tried clearing your scenery cache? You didn’t mention doing that.


Spawning at the airport seems to be fine. It’s happened to me twice upon landing. Yes, scenery cache has been cleared multiple times - forgot to mention that…

I’ll try and reproduce the issue later on and see what happens.

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