Airport’s 3d

I have a quick question. Will KEWR, KORD and KDFW be 3d in the next update?

That’s a great question I think they are focusing on the planes first

This is such a great question. While I’m not 100% sure, WIP’s have been shown for all 3 of the airports in question!

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Ok. Thanks for the Feedback guys!

I only way of knowing what airport will be in the next update is if you are one of the people choosing them, an airport Marked ready for release is never guaranteed for the next update.

Aircraft are developed completely separately to how airports are modelled.

Aircraft are done in house, while airports are modelled by volunteers. You could even apply to join the team if you wanted (bit of a waiting list at the moment though)


Also these airports are quite big and will take a very long time to be completed.

That’s really cool so have to do is submit

I thought it was like Microsoft Flight Simulator where the entire game is done by the developers interesting

You can see who has worked on an airport by looking at the contributors section of the airport info panel from the map page in app.


Hopefully they will

That’s cool

Perhaps EWR will. 😉


wait and see

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All airports mentioned also can be actively tracked in their respective threads or on social media, as the editors have chosen to promote their work and show the public. Editors might give updates on the progress and status of their airport. :)



KORD can be found on AviatorDan’s social media across most platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

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