Airport Requests?

Hey y’all

I just have a question real quick.

Is it possible for me to request an airport to be reworked?

I did it before (via PM) with PAMR and I got an incredible IFAET member to do it and now it’s such an awesome airport. I also got another IFAET member to do PAEN and it’s awesome.

If it is possible, I just need a small airport done (ICAO code F46; Rockwall Muni Airport in Rockwall, Texas)

I’m not expecting anyone to do it but if someone doesn’t mind, that would be incredible.

Have a good day


Hey there, the team that does 3D editing in Infinite Flight is not taking requests at all. Not to mention as highlighted in the #features category, requests for spefic 3D objects are not allowed.

To add on to @LordWizrak, i would also refrain from messaging people privately to have airports done. i know that i wouldnt like people doing that to me.

Someone will get round to the airports you would like at somepoint, the team of editors are amazing and do a great job as seen already in the sim, While it takes time and effort, i believe that more airports will be completed as time goes on at a faster rate, so it wont be to long in the future that an airport will be done that someone wishes to have.

Have an awesome day and enjoy the newly released 22.1 !!




IFC Members: hehe boi

Should’ve never told it publicly as now most likely staff will get more requests to do so and such.


What it comes down to is this - we say airport editors don’t take requests because we don’t want every airport editor to get bombarded with messages of requests to edit airports. It’s just not nice for them. If an individual editor is happy to do one that you’ve requested as a friend, that’s their choice. They have no obligation to do so, and no other editor has any obligation to take your request either. So please, just be respectful of the amazing work that the editors do and don’t pester them :)

EDIT: This isn’t directed at you specifically - if you’ve got someone who’s willing to do this for you, that’s great. It’s more of a general message.