Airport Ratings of 2017 by

I’m glad MUC is up there in the top 3, they highly deserve it! Once the 2022 upgrades are completed, the airport will become even bigger and better. Maybe No.1 isn’t an unrealistic target.

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Hmmmm… ICN is not even in top 70… How??? It is one of the biggest airport.


Interestingly, I also don’t find Tokyo Narita or Haneda in the Top 20

And Cincinnati is the only US airport… Not surprising honestly

It matters about service not popularity

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well It should be at the top because there are bullet trains (KTX) going from ICN to nearly all major cities. And all of the shop are tax free after passing through security checks. They are also makibg T2 so the traffic can be separated ICN secvice is probably in the top10.

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