Airport Ratings of 2017 by

An Airports efficiency is a key part of aviation and many would no based of waiting in long ques in airports that it can really be annoying.

Airhelp has recently announced the top 10 best airports in the world

based off effecincey, peoples opinions and there opinons.

  1. Singapore Changi Airport

  2. Munich International Airport

  3. Hong Kong International Airport

  4. Copenhagen Kastrup Airport

  5. Helsinki-Vantaa

  6. Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International (U.S.)

  7. Barcelona Airport

  8. Madrid Adolfo Suarez-Barajas Airport

  9. Auckland International Airport

  10. Frankfurt International Airport

What do you think of these ratings is your local airport there and does a efficient airport matter to you ?


Aw, cool! AKL is on there! Sadly Sydney is not 😔


Copenhagen at #4? Really? When I went there, I spent 30 minutes trying to check in, 20 minutes getting through security and then had to walk what felt like a marathon to get to the gate. Not to mention everything is screamingly expensive. 😬


Copenhagen is surprising. Also Hong Kong wasn’t that good when I was there. Long walks and a lack of signs.

The German airports on there are okay, not amazing. Nothing comes near Singapore overall though.


Dont worry Sydney probably will be on the list when the new airport is done :)


Glad to see Copenhagen on there! Passed through quite a lot, never really had any issues. The only issue is there can be very long lines at security, and currently the airport is quite a mess in some places due to expansions.


Don’t worry, Gardermoen will come sneaking up on you and grab you unexpectedly… ;)

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Mats I really do worry about you sometimes


I saw in a magazine that my hometown airport, Porto Airport, OPO/LPPR, had been ranked third in severall categories, after NRT and SIN
I ll try to find that magazine so you guys can see


You know it’s bad when an airport from Finland is better than the biggest Norweigan airport.

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Never heard a airport sneak up behind somone before thanks for the warning


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Don’t worry, Mats is just telling about a dream he’s had a few times.


Hmm, that’s weird. That’s exactly what my doctor said to me as well.


London Heathrow should be on there. I’m boycotting this site!

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It’s unsurprising to see Soekarno Hatta is not even on the Top 30 list 😂

Changi as always gets the first position, the staffs on that airport are 👍 and alot facilities provided by the airport to waste passenger’s transit time

Although I think the most annoying part of this airport is their Wi-Fi. It’s really hard to connect to this Wi-Fi due to impractical way to log-in 😬


Munich airport is not amazing? 🤔 You must have been to T1 only


Heathrow is amazing for the sheer amount of traffic and the type of it, but as a passenger it can be awful


Of course but I would still consider it to be in the top 10.

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Only one U.S airport in the top 10 That is sad

Sadly my local airport isn’t there,
Although I think it should be!