Airport Quiz

See how you do on [this] ( quiz about airports and their largest carriers! Please don’t cheat, it’s just for fun. Post your score here and I will add it to the score board.

Score Board
@Narroc_Wim 27/29
@CptNathanHope 27/29
@hmkane 25/29
@Mattastic 24/29
@The_simulation_nerd 23/29
@Huw 15/29
El_Alex 9/29
@v_berezh 8/29
@Aviationluver 2/29
@IceBlue 1/29
@Bulba 1/29


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23/29 is what I got. (Ran out of time)

I got 1/29 that was Atlanta.

I would’ve expected you to get at least JFK right too.

I got 27/29.

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I got 1/29…

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Which one did you get right @IceBlue?

I knew all of them but my hands are not that fast at typing.


27/29 best score so far

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Narroc is tied with you…

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I got 24/29.

I only got 2/29 😬

I gave up after the second one as I am British and therefore know nothing about America


8/29 at first attempt. Enough…))

9/29 Not that well.

26/29 not bad for a first go

I’m Irish and got 1 😂

19! And I live in Paris…

Anyway haha, I wrote Delta, then if did not work I wrote United, then American xD

26/29 for me