Airport Quiz #3

Thank you once again to anyone who took part in any of the previous airport quizzes. The answer to the last one was Hammerfest Airport, well done to anyone who got it right. As you may be aware the last two airports were European so this time I have changed it a bit.
Remember to please send me a PM of you want to suggest an airport for the next quiz.

As always the rules are the same:

  1. Do not change your answer after seeing the results
  2. Do not look up the answer online
  3. Do not post the answer in the replies

So anyway here we go

The airport for the town was opened in 1964 at an altitude of 200M in a valley, this caused problems due to frequent low visibility.

But in the 80s a plan to build a new airport began and what is now the current airport was built in 1987 and unlike the previous airport this one was equipped with ILS.

Despite being opened in 1987 its first scheduled flight wasn’t until 1994 which was operated by ANA to Tokyo.

In 1995 several changes were made to make the airport suitable for international operations and in the same year two airlines started international routes there.

In 2003 ANA withdrew from the airport and they gave their routes to Skymark Airlines which ceased its operation to the airport in 2003 as well.

In 2010 the Shinkansen (or bullet train) was extended to this town meaning the airport became even less popular.

In 2012 plans began to privatise the airport

Nowadays 5 different airlines operate to this airport with routes to 5 destinations.

Vote for what you think the answer is:

  • Fukuoka Airport
  • New Chitose Airport (Sapparo)
  • Kobe Airport
  • Tottori Airport
  • Aomori Airport
  • Saga Airport
  • Shonai Airport
  • Akita Airport
  • Fukushima Airport
  • Memanbetsu Airport (Ozora)
  • Hanamaki Airport

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Tip - Close the poll after you announce the answer! :)

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Turns out this one has been the most difficult yet (according to the results) the answer was not Fukushima as many people guessed, the correct answer is actually Aomori well done to anyone who got it right.

I’m half japanese

Just a quick reminder, if you have any suggestions make sure to send me a PM (maybe with a few hints if you can), (remember any suggestions posted in replies can’t be used as everyone will be able to see them)

Yep, still lookin’😄,

How do you make quiz?

Still lookin’ for suggestions everyone, the Airport quiz will commence again soon!😄.