Airport Question

Hello IF community! I am trying to figure out the codes to some of the airports I am adding to my website. I don’t have IF available right now and I need to get them added. Here are the ones I need. They are all the major ones.
Hong Kong
Minneapolis St. Paul

Hello, I know Minneapolis is KMSP as it is my home airport, maybe @Declan can jump in with the others.


Tokyo Haneda - RJTT

Hong Kong - VHHH

Minneapolis St. Paul - KMSP

Osaka - RJBB

Brisbane - YBBN.

Hope this helped!


Thanks so much!

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In the future, ICAO codes are not just available on Infinite Flight, so a google search will help you find any other codes you need if you are not able to access the app.


Okay. Thank you.

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Ya as @rileymoyer said, just type in the airport name with ICAO at the end and your golden 😉 (I do it all the time)

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