Airport problem

Could You try resolve my problem? What should I do? Every one time when I am in Denver(KDEN) my game crash after 10-15minutes after log in into this Airport. I cleaned scenery ceche, reinstall app but this is not work. I have this problem only in Denver.

Even empty Denver, or rather any packed airport?

Hi there, this may be due to the high zmojt of traffic and the strain this is giving on your device.

I would suggest lowering your aircraft count (aircraft that are rendered in) by going to Settings > Live > Airplane Count, and adjust accordingly.

I hope this helps. 🙃

It doesn’t matter. Empty or full - game crash

This is strange…might be stupid, but have you restarted your phone? This sometimes solve funny pbs…

@Tep_NEMO A lot of time.

What device are you on, using what graphic settings? Feel free to send a screenshot from IF settings in the Graphics tab.

No idea then, hopefully, someone will get you out of trouble!

Have you tried on casual?


Please list your device type (Apple iPad / Android S10) and current OS version.

Also please tell us what ur graphic settings are please.

Android 8.0 on Samsung Galaxy S7.
Grafic settings on high.

Try reducing the graphics levels.

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