Airport problem

Hello guys…
I’m planning to perform a flight from OMDB inbound to DTTA… According to the weather expected upon arrival, the preferred runway is 01… The runway has an ILS and i have chosen it as a part of my flight plan, but when i tried to tune NAV1 to that ILS i surprised that there’s no ILS and the cone is white althought i have chosen it already and have its charts… Below a photo illustrating what i mean…

Any help for this issue?

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It doesn’t have an ILS, that’s the reason :)


Looks like you will have to hand fly the approach, enjoy :)

But i have chosen ILS Y as part of flight plan and it does have in real life

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There’s your answer!

That is probably true. However, it’s not an ILS that’s been added to the specific runway at that airport in Infinite Flight.

When looking closer at it, it looks like it’s only a glideslope available for that runway. Not a full ILS.

Can we report this to be fixed in the next navigation database update?

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Please see my previous & now edited post :)


I have no problem in hand flying as i used to do with each approach. But getting things as realistic as possible is always my goal

Ok thanks, havent noticed the edited comment…

As @schyllberg said it’s not a full CAT 3 approach and there are no others in the game. So with the data IF have that’s the closest they are going to get… Good luck :)

If you’re ever concerned about hand flying an approach when it doesn’t have an ILS, filing a GPS approach may help you. Although you’ll have to land manually, LNAV/VNAV can guide you through a significant portion of the approach.


Adding on what has been said, there are some issues with how IF implements such ’not complete‘ approaches. When you have a localiser only it will make it an ILS, while IRL there wouldn’t be vertical guidance, but apparently in other cases like this it won’t.

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Thanks for answering… Now my question is: do i need to press APPR button to activate the glide slope guidance or would it be activated automatically when i get established at the correct altitude?!

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You can’t use APPR unless you are able to set NAV1/ILS.
As mentioned above you can navigate with LNAV and descend with VNAV but you have to do a manual landing.


Will i get the vertical guidance? The glide slope indicator i mean

No. You have to set altitudes and use VNAV.
Or just handfly 🙂


So no indicators at all? It would be difficult in this case at least the GS

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No indicators, apart from the PAPIs:

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Just use rwy 29 or 19 if you want to perform an ILS approach. Only 40@7kts

Edit: If you are flying the 777, tailwind limit is 10 kts.

IRL ILS can be inoperative due to maintenance, technical issues etc. and pilots have to do Non-precision approaches, visual approaches, use other rwys or divert.