airport photos

you guys should make a page for the airports and groups at airports, i love reading the names and looking at the birds eye view of the airport’s

yeah but that’s mainly planes not the airports them self…do you get what i’m saying?

So, you mean a thread to share pictures of airports?

yes exactly that’s what i was thinking!!!

You talking Real-World or IF?

I’m talking mainly IF but there could also be real life airport to

You can post IF Airport Photos in Best IF Photos as I believe your Free Cam can help with that 👍🏻

On the #real-world-aviation side, that requires Trust Level 2 (Member) to post in, seeing as you are currently a basic user. Keep liking and posting contributively and you will find your way there in no time

ok well it was almost an actual tread so close ;)

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As for real world airports, you could post your pictures in this: